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Lisa's Story

Jun 6, 2019

Lisa West Looks Forward to Playtime With Her Grandson After Successful Knee Surgery

Lisa West, a patient at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett

Lisa-WestLisa West loves the sport of basketball, which isn’t a surprise considering she spent a lot of time on the court playing the game when she was younger. In fact, the 58-year-old Cordova resident vividly remembers the injury she suffered to her knee while playing basketball nearly 40 years ago. In the short term, Lisa was able to recover from her torn meniscus. However, over the long term, the effects were painful.

“I continued to play sports such as basketball and volleyball into my 30’s and 40’s,” explained Lisa. “However, the lack of cartilage in my knee created a lot of bone on bone pain. The real wakeup call came when I went with my grandson, Jackson, to Disney World. The pain was so bad I had to use a scooter to get around.”

Lisa decided it was time for action. She made an appointment with Lawrence Schrader, M.D., an orthopedist on the medical staff at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett. Dr. Schrader recommended that Lisa have a total knee replacement.

Lisa arrived at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett for her surgery on a Tuesday and was able to return home just two days later. The surgery was a success, and she was up and walking just a few hours after the procedure.

“The entire staff was fantastic. The nurses were very proactive as far as checking with me to see if I was having any pain,” said Lisa. “The physical therapists were also so caring. They really worked with me to get me on my feet and moving.”

Lisa credits the Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett staff for helping her recover physically. But she also believes their ability to help her from a mental perspective was invaluable.

“The positive attitude of the staff helped me so much,” said Lisa. “I felt very vulnerable. But the staff didn’t treat me like I was frail. They were encouraging. Even when I had trouble with an aspect of my physical therapy, they highlighted the positive. It really encouraged me to move forward.”

Lisa says she doesn’t have any plans to return to competitive athletics. But she does plan to take full advantage of her new mobility.

“I’m looking forward to the Nerf gun fights I have with my grandson,” Lisa says with a smile.“With my knee feeling so much better, I will be able to hide in so many more places to surprise him. He may finally have met his match!”