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Irina's Story

Jun 6, 2019

Saint Francis-Bartlett Exceeded Expectations for Second Time Mom

Irina Ollar wasn’t new to being a mom. However, she was new to Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett. The Women’s Center at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett exceeded her expectations for the birth of her second child.

“We came in at 5:30 in the morning, and the baby was out by 8:00. It was a seamless process,” explained Irina. “From when we registered and checked in, to when they brought us to the room and prepped us, everything went absolutely smoothly.”

The Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett Women’s Center is a 10 bed unit. Irina says the size was perfect to deliver the quality care that she needed with a personal touch.

“With the hospital not being huge, when you pull the cord, the nurses are here in an instant. They help you with absolutely everything. That’s amazing when you just finished giving birth and you want that attention right away. You can definitely get it here.”

Irina says there are other hospitals closer to where she lives, but if she has another baby, she will definitely return to Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett.

“I feel like Saint Francis-Bartlett is this little secret in the Bartlett community that people just don’t know how great it is. It’s been wonderful for me.”