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Take Time to Make Time - New Mothers CAN Find Peace

Apr 19, 2016

Lauren Scott
Lauren Scott, Labor & Delivery Registered Nurse

Between work, the gym, housework, and errands, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed with a busy schedule. Once you throw a baby into your every day life, however, you find that there was an entirely new level to busyness that you hadn’t previously known about. So, what gives? How can you find a little peace, or does such a thing exist in the universe?

Help is Closer Than You Think
Regardless if you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mother, having a baby is difficult. Since a baby won’t adhere to your schedule or time management constraints, even the simplest of tasks can make herding cats look easy—especially with newborns. When you have a newborn, nearly every waking (and sometimes only half-awake) second is spent with your baby: changing, feeding, watching them sleep in your arms. Whether it’s your first baby or your third, adjusting to a newborn’s schedule takes quite a few sleepless nights. Instead of accepting the constant state of being tired and slightly confused, it’s easier to try and coordinate some peace and quiet for yourself.

  • The more, the merrier: First, you’ll want to accept the fact that accepting help can go a long way. Whether a mom, an in-law, a doula, or a home nurse steps in, learn to trust them with your baby (at least long enough to take a hot shower).
  • Think it through: When you feel safe leaving your baby with another caregiver for a few minutes or hours, have a few things organized and ready to go. Post all your contact and emergency numbers on the fridge. Provide them with a fully stocked diaper bag. Make sure you have plenty of breast milk or formula set aside and ready to go. Also, tell your caregiver what your exact plan is, and take your phone with you (even if it’s just to the next room). With a set plan in place, you can worry less and enjoy that brief time away from your baby even more.
  • Get rid of the guilt: As we’ve said before, it’s important not to feel guilty for needing help with your baby, or for needing some time to yourself. Every mother deserves her sanity: whether that comes in the form a nap, some quiet time or a short walk around the block.

Making time to keep your sanity in place doesn’t have to be an elaborate day-trip to the mall: once the baby comes, just a little time by yourself suddenly feels like a vacation. Start with small plans, like a shower or a nap, and work up to getting out for a manicure or even meeting the girls for a quick coffee. It’s amazing how much a few minutes by yourself—or with other adults—will refresh your mind and make all the time you spend with your baby even more special.

Still not convinced? Feel free to contact us about the benefits some alone time can have for you and baby. We’d love to hear from you!

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