Our Quality of Care

At Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett our commitment to quality means that you can expect excellence in the care you receive here. This focus on quality is consistent through the many areas of the comprehensive health care we provide. Whether you’re undergoing surgery with one of our experienced, compassionate surgeons or learning to care for your new baby from a certified instructor, we’re dedicated to making your experience as safe, productive and cost-effective as possible.

Through our commitment to quality we will work to:

  • Provide exceptional clinical care to every patient we serve
  • Respect our patients, employees and affiliated doctors
  • Maintain the highest ethical and clinical standards of care
  • Enhance the practice and delivery of every aspect of patient care
  • Safeguard the integrity and safety of our patients and employees
  • Enhance physician and nurse leadership and medical staff governance
  • Manage costs and resources efficiently
  • Share knowledge and best practices with other health care providers

Our Commitment to Quality

When you or a loved one receives care at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett, you’ll notice we aren’t just another hospital. That difference you feel is part of our commitment to hospital quality. For us, quality is not just an abstract idea, it’s a focused and measurable part of the care that we provide every day. Here are some of the comprehensive initiatives that ensure quality throughout the hospital.

Patient Safety & Reporting Results

The Patient Safety & Reporting Results initiative is designed to leverage systems and management leadership to improve the safety of clinical care for patients and build programs to support the same. This initiative also focuses on improving reporting systems in our hospitals, as well as improving processes for communicating performance results.

Physician Excellence

The Physician Excellence initiative focuses on designing and implementing a set of standard policies and procedures for governing hospital medical staff. This initiative is designed to provide a consistent model of governance and medical staff structure that supports quality of care, patient safety and documentation of physician excellence.

Nursing Excellence

Today’s nursing shortage is health care’s most pressing crisis, threatening access to care, affordability of care and clinical quality. The Nursing Excellence initiative is designed to make Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett the employer of choice in nursing through a series of targeted initiatives. Among the most significant will be developing new approaches to nursing care delivery designed to improve the practice, resourcing and leadership of nursing.

Patient Throughput

The Patient Throughput initiative is designed to promote improvement in the care delivery process at our hospital. We will study activities that make up the care delivery process and implement operational improvements and efficiencies intended to manage capacity and prevent delays, and result in enhanced patient, doctor and staff satisfaction through a more uniform care experience.

Quality Initiative Programs

In addition to our own high patient standards, we also participate in quality initiative programs that are collaborative and created by respected national health care organization and institutions. Here are some of the national programs and initiatives that Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett is proud to be a part of.

100,000 Lives Campaign

The 100,000 Lives Campaign was an initiative developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to engage U.S. hospitals in a commitment to implement changes to improve patient care and prevent avoidable deaths. The 3,100 hospitals nationwide that participated in this initiative saved an estimated 122,000 lives in 18 months. Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett has implemented all six of the campaign’s quality improvement measures.

We have just begun participating in the IHI’s follow-up initiative, The 5 Million Lives Campaign, which challenges American hospitals to adopt six additional changes in care that save lives and reduce patient injuries.

American Heart Association – Get With the Guidelines Program

Get With the Guidelines is a hospital-based quality improvement program designed by the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association to provide hospital staff with tools that follow proven evidence-based guidelines and procedures for cardiac patients in their care. It empowers health care provider teams to consistently treat heart and stroke patients according to the most up-to-date guidelines.

Learn More

Our commitment to quality practices is something we take seriously. If you’d like further information about these practices, feel free to contact Anita Hunt, Director of Quality, at Anita1.Hunt@TenethHealth.com