Emergency Care Center 

The Emergency Care Center at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett is comprised of physicians, registered nurses and technicians experienced in treating patients with emergency conditions.  We are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  At Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett, your emergency is our priority.

Our Goal
We are committed to exceeding your expectations by providing the best possible patient care and customer service.

Upon Arrival
You will be asked to complete a very short form allowing us to enter your name and symptoms in a computer. That information will be sent to emergency personnel electronically. No insurance information or payment information is required at that time.

After triage and medical screening, you will complete your registration process. You will be asked for information that is necessary to begin your medical chart. If an exam room is available, you will be taken directly into the treatment area. Otherwise, you will be asked to remain in the reception area.


When you are brought into the treatment area, the testing process begins. You will be seen by a certified emergency room physician, who will examine you and determine your treatment path while in the Emergency Care Center. Once your treatment path is determined, your nurse may start an IV, obtain a blood or urine sample, or send you for an X-ray if necessary. Patients are seen by the physician based on the severity of their illness or injury. Our goal is to have all patients seen in a timely manner. Evaluation time in the Emergency Care Center will vary based on which tests are needed. Waiting time may increase during peak periods.

The treatment area of the Emergency Care Center has a limited capacity. Initially, relatives and friends may be asked to remain in the reception area unless their presence is necessary for the care of the patient. In this way, the needs of the patient can be met and privacy maintained.  patients who are minors may be accompanied by their parents.

Once all of your test results are received, the Emergency Care Center physician will reevaluate you. Based on these results and your condition, you will either be discharged or admitted into the hospital. Your personal physician may be contacted to help in this decision. If you do not have a physician, one will be assigned to you.

Prior to leaving, you will be asked to provide information regarding your insurance and intended method of payment. When you are discharged from the Emergency Care Center, you will be given written discharge instructions to follow. It is very important to follow-up with your personal physician or the referral physician that was provided to you. If you have any questions after discharge or if we can be of assistance in any other way, please feel free to call the Emergency Care Center at (901) 820-7750.



Patient Satisfaction

Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett Emergency Care Center personnel are committed to providing quality care and achieving the highest levels of patient satisfaction. Within a few days, you may be surveyed via telephone regarding your emergency visit.  We hope that you will answer that you were “ALWAYS” satisfied with every aspect of your care. Please contact Customer Relations at (901) 820-7070 to discuss any aspect of your care that was not “always” satisfactory.