Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett Now Providing Digital Mammography 
Derek Venckus (901) 820-7072 
Tuesday, 03 June 2008 
    Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett is proud to announce that digital mammography has been added to the hospital’s scope of services for women. This new equipment incorporates advanced imaging technology that provides incredibly sharp images. 
    Digital mammography allows an image to be taken electronically and immediately stored on a computer. The images are sharper and more detailed than film images. This technology allows radiologists to zoom in on specific areas of concern and examine them for signs of early cancer. 
    “Digital mammography provides us with a new level of image clarity,” said radiologist Ronnie Warner, M.D. “It allows us to detect small abnormalities, especially in women with dense breast tissue.” 
    Digital mammography is significantly better than film mammography in screening women who are under age 50 or women of any age who have very dense breast tissue. In addition, studies show digital mammography uses less radiation than standard film mammography. Digital imaging generally takes less than a minute compared to 10 to 15 minutes for film mammography. 
    “Our goal is to provide exceptional care to the women of our community,” explained Kem Mullins, CEO of Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett. “Digital mammography allows us to deliver advanced care to our patients in the fight against breast cancer.”