Outpatient Imaging Center 

Kem Mullins, Saint Francis-Bartlett
CEO (right), and radiologist Ronnie
Warner, M.D., kick off the renovation
of the hospital's diagnostic imaging

Northeast Shelby County residents needing outpatient diagnostic services will soon have a new facility dedicated to their needs.  Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett is renovating a building on the hospital’s campus that will become home to a new diagnostic imaging center.  Kem Mullins, Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett chief executive officer, and radiologist Ronnie Warner, M.D., kicked off the renovation celebration with celebratory sledgehammer strikes to the existing structure. 

The new diagnostic imaging center will feature advanced technology.  In addition to digital radiology services, the center will be home to a 32-slice CT scan with low dose radiation capability, ultrasound, and a wide bore MRI.  The wide bore MRI will be a benefit to claustrophobic and larger patients, as it provides additional inner diameter space while still providing high quality images.

With the facility dedicated exclusively to outpatient diagnostic imaging, physicians will have improved access and flexibility when scheduling their patients for tests.  In addition, dictation voice recognition software will allow radiologists to interpret test results aloud and document those results at the same time.  This will provide physicians and their patients with improved test result turnaround times.

“The community’s support of Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett was the catalyst for this project,” said Kem Mullins, Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett chief executive officer.  “Because of the growth of our diagnostic imaging volume, we wanted to provide these patients with a facility specifically designed to meet their needs.  The location of the diagnostic imaging center will provide our outpatients with convenient parking and access to the facility.  The advanced technology will allow us to continue to provide our physicians with the imaging they need to provide the best possible care for their patients.”

Completion of the project is scheduled for the first quarter of 2011.