InQuickER Now Offered At No Charge 
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 

Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett is now offering its InQuickER service at no charge.  InQuickER is an emergency room service that facilitates patient satisfaction by allowing consumers to hold a place at the ER online, while waiting in the comfort of their own homes.

The patient can hold their place online by visiting  Upon completion of an online form, the patient arrives at the projected treatment time and will be seen by a health professional in the emergency room within 15 minutes. The service is only intended for individuals who have non-life threatening medical conditions.

“We know people want more convenience and communication in the ER experience,” explains Kem Mullins, Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett CEO. “While estimates and averages about emergency room wait times may vary, many emergency room patients end up waiting several hours in waiting rooms with no indication of when they’ll be seen With this service, users enjoy the convenience of choosing where they wait and a projected time to see a healthcare professional in the emergency room."

InQuickER does not affect the wait times of other emergency room patients, nor does it allow certain individuals to “cut” in front of others. Additionally, if the projected treatment time changes due to an influx of patients requiring priority treatment, the user will be notified and provided with an alternate time.

Increased demand and decreased capacity are creating traffic jams in ER waiting rooms across the country, according to the American College of Emergency Physicians. To address the growing need to deliver more efficient service, hospitals are utilizing InQuickER to streamline the throughput processes while focusing now, more than ever, on patient satisfaction.

InQuickER has designed safeguards in its system intended to prevent those who have potentially life-threatening medical conditions from using the InQuickER service. Individuals requiring immediate medical treatment should go to the nearest emergency department or call 911.