For Physicians 
Melissa Purcell 
We believe that building relationships with physicians is a major way to secure a successful future in the rapidly evolving health care industry. Our facility offers a wide variety of rewarding and challenging practice opportunities as a medical staff member.

Find Opportunities
Tenet Physicians is a website that will provide you with the latest information regarding physician opportunities at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett.
If you have any additional questions regarding regarding physician opportunities at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett, contact Melissa Purcell at or 901-820-7714.

Physician Portal
If you are a physician on staff with proper authorization, you may access the Physician Portal for your facility.

*Note: Not all hospitals use the Physician Portal, check with your physician representative to see if this is available at your facility.

Medical Staff Calendar
The Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett Medical Staff Calendar is now available on line.

Policy Updates
In an effort to keep everyone apprised of policy updates that may impact our medical staff, please click here for a library of documents related to our activities.